Central registry and information panel (dashboard)

As our company grew, we began to face new challenges due to the increasing amount of data. The original tools were no longer sufficient to consolidate them. Critical data about clients, services provided or the activities of individual team members remained isolated in multiple locations, and it was becoming increasingly complicated to use this information in a meaningful way.

HD Solutions Ltd. solution brought us these positive changes:

1. Maintaining order in the records

Thanks to collaboration with HD Solutions Ltd. we achieved clarity and significantly reduced errors in the records of clients and services provided, despite the growing number of employees.

2. Merging and consolidation of important data

We were able to consolidate critical data that would otherwise have been lost in a multitude of files and information sources located in different locations and with different staff.

3. Saving time
Centralized filing has also speeded up our work
The outputs from the filing system provide a convenient view of the current status in real time, which is essential for planning and optimizing our operations. This allows us to spend more time efficiently providing services to our clients.

4. Unification and better cooperation of the work team
This has also positively impacted our teamwork style. Recordkeeping management has become a helper instead of a burden and an unpopular activity. It has made it possible to simplify internal processes and align the activities of individual team members.

We greatly appreciate the direct and clear communication with the vendor, which allowed us to respond step by step to our dynamically evolving needs and arrive at a tailor-made solution.



Mgr. Alenka Hrčková
Managing Director
Centre for Emotional Health and Education


Processing of statistical outputs

The processing of the mandatory statistical reports represented for us a heavy administrative workload and recurrent time stress at the end of the reporting period.

By centralizing the recordkeeping and the solution provided by HD Solutions Ltd. this ceased to be a problem.

The solution facilitated regular reporting of data, saved time, reduced workload and significantly reduced error rates. Instead of 10 hours of exhausting work that was draining our workforce, the work was reduced to a 10 min. operation.

The time saved can now be used by our staff to serve our clients.



Mgr. Adriana Havašová
Statutory representative and executive director
Counselling Centre Nádej, Bratislava


Automated document printing

Printing informed consents was a major administrative burden for us, involved frequent corrections, a large waste of time due to repeated filling in of the same data and distracted our focus from the client.

HD Solutions Ltd. provided automated document printing. By introducing automated printing of documents from existing records, we were able to streamline our work and make optimal use of time when contacting the client.

Instead of repeatedly filling the same data into multiple documents, we are able to automatically create all relevant documents with the necessary client data with “one click”, edit them if necessary and then physically print them.

The solution operatively creates documents according to a template and allows flexiblity to any changes in legislation, specific client needs or non-standard situations. The solution avoids errors and saves time spent with the client in dealing with the necessary paperwork.

It allows employees to conveniently resolve administrative tasks while maintaining maximum concentration on the client.



MUDr. Igor Kundrát
Managing Director
Centre for Emotional Health and Education