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“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my ax.”
Abraham Lincoln


Services we provide

Assisting our clients in solving problems in record-keeping, processing and displaying various records and documents.
Quick creation of customized recordkeeping systems.

How can we help you ?

The following are examples of client situations we have helped resolve.


Central registry and information panel (dashboard):

For a client who had data recorded/stored on different computers in different files (excel) and also in paper form. We created a centralized IT solution that simplified and streamlined the client’s operations.
As part of the solution we created centralized data reports called dashboards for the client, which provided the client with quick and clear information that is necessary for decision-making.
The option of central data processing was added for the client, eliminating errors and saving the work of creating reports, e.g. internal and external timesheets.


Statistical outputs processing

For the clients who were periodically laboriously manually creating official statistical reports required by local authorities (Self-governing regional authorities). We solved the client’s problem by introducing a centralized recordkeeping system with the addition of automatically created statistical reports.
Today the client creates all statistical reports in 3 minutes instead of the previous 4-hour job.


Automated document printing

For the client who had a need to frequently print various documents with a defined structure, we created a centralized recordkeeping system with the possibility of automated printing of various types of documents according to predefined templates.
The client saved 3 hours of work per day by implementing the system.

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  • with recordkeeping and processing data or documents
  • with automated generation and printing of documents
  • with creating statistical outputs (reports)