About us

Our focus

We are interested in helping people solve problems associated with the use of computer technology. Clients desire to simplify and streamline the process of recordkeeping and processing data or documents.
We focus on clients who do not have their own IT departments.
Our goal is to minimize time-consuming, repetitive, non-automated activities and replace them with a smooth running process with maximum support for automated processing.
In this way, we minimize unnecessary delays in the recordkeeping and processing of data or documents for the client.

Our priorities

  • Individual and fair approach
  • Clear communication with the client
  • Relationship with the client
  • Quality and reliability

Our team

RNDr. Dušan Hrušovský

Project Manager, Analyst, Consultant

Ing. Richard Grill

Analyst, Consultant, Developer, Architect

Milan Vrzoň

Analyst, Developer

Ing. Milan Kuljovský

Analyst, Consultant, Developer, Architect